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Car Repair Specialists Colchester

DSTM Motors, is an independent and family owned garage offering a wide range of services, including Tryes, Exhausts, Servicing & car repairs.

We are located in Colchester. With almost 25 yearsof experience in the motor trade. Our head mechanic,David was worked for main dealers such as Fiat, SAAB, Vauxhall, and Ford, and has achieved top and senior technician status. 

David has been in the motor trade all his working life and has undergone extensive main dealertraining. This means when you come to DSTM Motors you get all the benefits of amain dealer trained mechanic without the heft price tag.

Our customers save up to50% compared to the main dealer prices. At DSTM Motors, allmakes and models are welcome and the team strives to provide the higheststandard of service. They offer a range of options to fit all budgets,including the use of main dealer parts or customer-supplied parts.  

The team at DSTMMotors also highly recommends regular servicing to identify any potentialissues and plan for future maintenance.

We are always here to help, no matter how small of a job. Just call us or send us an E-mail!

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